Sewer Line Cleanout

Wayne’s Drains has all of the tools needed to clear any clogged sewer lines or sewer blockage you may have.  If we can’t find the clog with a simple cable, we can complete a sewer line camera inspection to see exactly where the clogs or blockage are.  This takes the guesswork out and enables us to do efficient and complete cleanouts.
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Signs you need a sewer cleanout

  • Water backing up out of a drain or toilet
  • Gurgling sound coming from drains
  • If after you have done a load of wash, waste backs up into other drains or toilets throughout the house, your sewer line is backed up.

If you have need of a sewer line cleanout, call us at 715-325-1948 and we can answer any questions or make an appointment.  You can also contact us online. We take pride in our work and do it right the first time.  Our work is guaranteed for 35 days.
We service Marshfield, Stevens Point, Friendship, Wisconsin Rapids, WI and all areas in between.