Professional Drain Cleaning

Have you noticed your drains aren’t draining properly?  Do you have a clogged sink, clogged shower drain, or other clogged drain?  Give Wayne’s Drains a call at 715-325-1948 and we will come out and get to the crux of the problem.

Our work is guaranteed for 35 days.   We will come back free of charge, as many times as needed, during that time period to make sure we have solved your problem.   Instead of just masking the symptom like chemical drain cleaners, we will fix your drain problem correctly and safely.  Chemical drain cleaners actually do more harm than good.

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Chemical drain cleaners:

  • Are highly toxic
  • Can damage joints in pipes, weakening the pipes and potentially causing leaks.
  • When used in septic systems they can kill the bacteria that help break down the waste.  The tank increasingly becomes more inefficient.
  • Cause damage to the environment
  • Are often ineffective.  It may treat the symptom for now, but it won’t solve the problem of why your system is backed up.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

  • Emergency drain cleaning – 24/7
  • Residential and commercial drain cleaning
  • Unclog shower drain
  • Unclog bathroom sink
  • Unclog frozen drain pipe
  • Unclog blocked toilet
  • Unclog tub drain
  • Sewer drain clog
  • Drain pipe maintenance
  • Unclog washer drain pipe
  • We use Kenway, General Pipe Cleaners, and Duracable tools and machines to do quality work.
  • And more.  If you have any type of clogged drain, give us a call!
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Signs you need drain cleaning services

  • If water is not flowing through the drain and there is standing water
  • Slow drain
  • Unusual noises down the drain
  • Drain smells bad
  • A sudden increase in fruit flies
  • Toilet gets clogged and overflows often

Frozen Pipes

Your drains could be blocked due to frozen pipes.  The drain could actually be clogged and not flowing due to ice.  If you need help to unfreeze your pipes or fix any drain problems related to that, call Wayne’s Drains at 715-325-1948.  We will get you taken care of at an affordable price.

Blocked or damaged drains can become more than an inconvenience if your home gets flooded because of them.  Call Wayne’s Drains day or night for 24 hour emergency drain cleaning.  We clear any blockage and thoroughly clean your drains to prevent future clogs.  We can do a video pipe inspection using our pipe camera to find out what the exact problem is so we can fix it completely.  We have a 35-day guarantee.  We are dependable and work carefully to do it right the first time.